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Position | Housekeeper

Company | AlmaLusa Baixa & Chiado

Reports | Direction

Location | Baixa & Chiado - Lisbon

Salary | Compatible and with incentives

Start date | October 2015

We present a vacancy for the position of Housekeeper integrated in the Room Department team (Rooms Division) at AlmaLusa Baixa & Chiado.

This hotel unit is about to start its operation in a location of excellence and intends to form a young, experienced, dynamic and committed team that can make a decisive contribution to the Vision and Mission that the AlmaLusa Hotels brand will bring to the Lisbon destination.

For these reasons, we are recruiting professionals who have a set of their own characteristics and want to make a difference with a passion for hospitality, in an informal style but with great professionalism and demand.

Position Summary

The Housekeeper position is a fundamental position in the entire operation of the unit. This position is critical as it must oversee the most important part of the guest experience – the rooms. All standards of cleanliness and service must be strictly adhered to in order to maintain the entire stay experience in accordance with the expectations of the guests. Its main responsibilities are the control and management of the department's entire operation, guest assistance, support to the Reception department, cost and stock control and coordination with the restaurant concessionaire. Very important responsibility, autonomy, critical sense and common sense to be able to make the right decision in each situation.

In this way, the tasks include: management of the housekeeping team, daily control of general cleaning tasks in public areas and rooms, managing all customer contact, service-oriented, in a courteous, polite but efficient manner. Good presentation is required as well as excellent communication skills. Very important to control the arrival and departure of clothes, checking the equipment in the rooms and public areas and communicating problems and checking the resolution, use of stocks and tasks of the maids on the floors so that everything is carried out as defined.

Responsibilities | Be responsible for and manage the Housekeeping operation, namely:

  • Management of the entire Housekeeping team and operation;
  • Prepare the day's tasks and carry out the daily briefing;
  • Create checklists for maids on floors and public areas;
  • Responsible for managing your budget, cash fund and correct presentation of expenses;
  • Check the rooms, ensuring that they meet the defined standards;
  • Analysis of department costs in order to maximize profitability;
  • Coordination with the external service company to have staff in adequate numbers and quality;
  • Coordination with the laundry so that the clothes are always in excellent condition, with stock control and sufficient inventory;
  • Control of stock and quality of clothing, anticipating any problems;
  • Make department schedules;
  • Responsible for the “Lost and Found” of the unit;
  • Coordinate the deep cleanings of the various areas;
  • Check the cleanliness, tidiness and functioning of public areas;
  • Identify, report maintenance problems and follow up until they are resolved;
  • In line with the reception, prepare arrivals and coordinate departures;
  • Train the team in operational standards;
  • Knowing how to listen to customer complaints and concerns and resolve them professionally, efficiently and empathetically;
  • Know and operate the computer systems implemented
  • Alert management of any operational or team problems;
  • Know the safety and fire plans as well as the respective procedures, in order to guarantee the safety of guests and act when necessary;
  • Keep work area organized and tidy;
  • Other tasks necessary to provide a truly exceptional service.

 Profile | As a personal and professional profile, you must understand what excellent service means and how to get it to guests, understand guests and surprise them, being friendly, empathetic, polite and helpful at all times, genuinely concerned with the experience that the guest is having as well as increasing the profitability of the Unit.

Requirements | good looking but also:

  • Experience in the Housekeeping department in the city;
  • Communication skills, customer service and time and task management;
  • Ability to organize, plan and manage the workflow;
  • Be able to perform all tasks, if necessary;
  • Experience in managing teams;
  • Excellent communication skills and telephone answering;
  • Fluent in spoken and written English, French and Spanish;
  • Great attention to detail;
  • Pleasant and confident personality;
  • Demonstrate a genuine passion for serving the public;
  • Leadership ability and delegation in teamwork, as well as ability to work alone;
  • Ability to analyze and solve problems, recommending the necessary solutions for the proper functioning of the unit and its customers.

Send your CV to and we will contact you as soon as possible.