Contingency Plan

I - The health and safety of all our colleagues and guests is our utmost priority.

These are unprecedented times and it is all our duties to consciously contribute to stop this threat.

In addition to a rigorous hygiene routine on all our rooms and public areas already in place, we are putting additional procedures specifically directed at the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the WHO and local authorities’ best practices.

Contingency plan: continuous monitoring of the situation, adjusting to the needs and assuring all our team is trained and informed on how to proceed with the possible challenges;

Protection material: all necessary material is at the disposal of our guests and team:
- Masks
- Disposable gloves
- Disposable cleaning equipment
- Hand Sanitizer dispensers – min 70% alcohol solution
- Non-manual opening garbage containers
- Infra-red thermometer
- Designated area of isolation for all suspect cases amongst guests and team members.

All guests at AlmaLusa will have a Personal Protective Equipment kit available in the rooms as a form of amenity. This kit includes a mask, gloves and mini hand sanitizer bottle.

Additional procedures: All frequent touch points are disinfected hourly by our Housekeeping department, such as door handles, elevator buttons, bathrooms, reception and food production areas.

II - Clean and Safe Seal

The Portuguese Tourism Board has launched a seal that attests to the compliance of a property in following all government guidelines and training of teams. AlmaLusa is proud to have been issued that seal for both our hotel and Delfina Restaurant.

III - Preventive Measures at AlmaLusa

We follow the guidelines of the national authorities as well as the World Health Organization and count on the cooperation of all our guests and team to ensure these measures are maintained by everyone at AlmaLusa:

Automatic doors: the hotel and restaurant have automatic doors with motion  sensors to avoid touching points.
Hand Hygiene: Hourly washing of hands with warm water and soap and followed by use of hand sanitizer and also every time our guests and colleagues use a public space, handle money or personal property, receive a package, touch luggage and before and after every meal.
Respiratory Etiquette: To cover one’s mouth and nose with the inside of one’s elbow every time there is a need to sneeze or cough or make use of a disposable tissue and wash hands immediately after. Masks must be used in all public areas of AlmaLusa and the Delfina Restaurant.
Social Distancing: All guests and colleagues must keep a safe distance of 2m (6ft) between each other. Any physical contact such as handshakes, hugs and kisses must also be avoided.
Temperature Registry: the temperature of all team members will be taken daily as a measure of control
Tests: All members of the AlmaLusa and Delfina teams are tested regularly.

IV - Isolation Area and Suspected Cases

AlmaLusa has designated an entire floor of its property to best care for our guests and team in the event of a suspected case of infection. This entire floor has a separate entrance and exit to the rest of the building and will be equipped with all sanitary conditions and water and food to accommodate any suspected case until further instructions are given by the health authorities.

Portugal has a 24 hour phone line available in the case of a suspected case, where a health professional will guide our guests and colleagues and also coordinate the need for hospital transportation or any further action until the case is deemed closed.

V - Departmental Procedures

Our focus is to create a safe, secure and comfortable space by implementing clear and thorough procedures, training our teams regularly and on an ongoing basis following any important developments and finally supervising to ensure this procedures are put in place every day and therefore protecting both our team and our beloved guests.

Front Desk
Check-in online | an e-mail and link will be sent prior to arrival in order for guests to fill in all details and decrease paper work on check-in.
Anticipation of needs | a pre arrival e-mail will make suggestions and inquiry about any specific needs or concerns to better prepare each stay.
Reduce paper | we suggest sending invoices by e-mail, adapted the registration card process, with the check-in on line as well as room directory with a QR code.
Luggage | all luggage will be disinfected with a ozone machine prior to go up to the room.
4G phones & hotel keys | disinfected and sealed before being delivered to any guest. Each guest will have this bag opened only in their presence.
Rooming | Taking the guests up to the room is optional and for those that prefer not to, we will do a curtesy call to explain the room features.
AlmaLusa App | Our app is available on our 4G phone or can be downloaded for free, so all activities can be seen as well instant chat with our team.
Doctor to the hotel in two hours on a guest request.

Our Housekeeping department has reinforced its procedures together with the certification and approval of our cleaning product provider, Diversey.
Hourly disinfection of all public areas.
Specific measures have been taken to improve the cleaning process of every room such as:
- Single use cloths
- Disinfection and changing of disposable material between rooms
- Ozone disinfection of every room before arrival
Turn down option for guests

Air conditioned | Our maintenance department is committed to verifying regularly all air filters, washing machine filters and any other washing equipment.
The entire property will be disinfected and all necessary signage has been put in place to indicate points of disinfection and distancing indicatives.
All machinery and property grounds will be checked thoroughly and regularly to ensure all signage in use is necessary.

Delfina Restaurant
At Delfina, our team has been trained to maintain all safety measures while best serving all our guests.
The layout of our restaurant has been revised to ensure safe distancing between tables.
Our service has been adapted and our teams have been given ongoing training to ensure the safety of our restaurant but mostly to make sure the familiar atmosphere in Delfina remains as warm as always.
- Usage of disposable gloves and masks by the team
- Single use cloths
- Single use Menus
- Cleaning and disinfection of every table
- Cutlery protectors
- Our kitchen is regularly cleaned and disinfected. All produce coming in go through deep cleaning and disinfecting procedures which are supervised by our heads of department on a daily basis.
We recommend booking your time for every meal at Delfina: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

Sofia Brandão
Director of Operations

This information is subject to change without notice, depending on the health situation and restrictions imposed by the Portuguese Government and Portuguese Health Authorities.