AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado Located in the heart of Lisbon, AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado is a boutique hotel that offers the authentic Portuguese experience. Junior Suite Star rating: **** Room rates: €85 - €250
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Additional Services

In Room Massage | 55 min

€ 75,00 / unit

Therapeutic Massage with Shiatsu or Aromatherapy massage with natural Portuguese ingredients.

Information: 55 minutes | 75€ 

e-Bike Tour - 3 faces of Lisbon

€ 69,00 / unit

From the traditional streets of downtown Lisbon to the relaxing river ride and across the Forest Park of the capital, there are three “faces” of our capital city waiting to be discovered in this e-bike tour, with stops and a delicious picnic.
Minimum 2 pax.


€ 12,50 / unit

Enjoy a continental breakfast with Portuguese products of excellent quality, including:

  • variety of bread, including wood-fired;
  • gluten-free bread on request;
  • four types of viennoise, including croissants;
  • homemade cake;
  • three homemade jams and honey;
  • selection of teas, coffees and chocolate;
  • vegetable drinks on request;
  • natural orange juice;
  • natural yogurt;
  • assortment of seeds;
  • four cereal varieties including muesli;
  • selection of charcuterie and cheese;
  • salmon;
  • mixture of lettuces and tomatoes;
  • fruit salad;
  • eggs and bacon served to the table.

JETLAG Massage | 50 min

€ 75,00 / unit

Jet lag is an unavoidable side effect of air travel that can throw you off balance for days. This treatment helps weary travellers regain balance and physiological harmony as therapists use special healing techniques to expel tension, fatigue and toxins.

Combines a back massage with lymphatic drainage to allow a full recovery of the body with pressure and movements that adapt to every single guest preference.

Information: 50 minutes | € 75

Airport pick-up

€ 35,00 / unit

Prepare your arrival with no stress and in professional hands 

Information: Travel price for up to 4 people.
It is possible up to 7 people in the same car, please contact us directly.

AlmaLusa Private Drop-off Service

€ 17,50 / unit

Take advantage of our private transfer and end your trip in a relaxed, quick and efficient manner.

InformationUp to 7 people | Drop off at the airport – 17.50€ per van

Meal at Delfina Restaurant

€ 30,00 / unit

Curious about Portuguese Cuisine? Delfina Restaurant has a unique menu inspired by the Portuguese home cooks, bringing all traditional flavours in a trendy atmosphere. A 3 course menu is available where you can choose from the Restaurant menu. Drinks not included.

Lisbon Express Visit

€ 85,00 / unit

Discover the castle, the seven hills and the historical neighbourhoods with the possibility to see Lisbon from the other margin at “Cristo Rei”

Information: 4 hours | Up to 7 people – 85€ per van (entrances to the monuments not included)

Sintra | Day tour

€ 180,00 / unit

Tailor-made day tour to the Land of Kings, Queens and Castles where you choose where to go and how long to stay, with a “Sintra” connoisseur  

Information: 8 hours |180€ - 2 people | Extra 20€ per each extra person (entrances to the monuments not included)

Tour Sunset Sailing - 2 People

€ 90,00 / unit

The best perspective of Lisbon on board of a luxurious and comfortable sailing yacht. From Belém Tower to Terreiro do Paço passing by Cristo Rei, Discovery monument and 25th April bridge, enjoy the city sightseeing from a unique point of view while sailing the calm waters of Tagus river.

Duration: 2 hours

AlmaLusa Tour by City Guru - 2 People

€ 50,00 / unit

Explore and discover Lisbon’s Lusitanian identity. Take a journey to the streets, alleys and monuments of Lisbon in a unique cultural and historical experience. From cobble streets, roman ruins, Fado music and coffee culture, discover the history and tradition of the city.

Information: Tour starts at 10 am | Duration: 3 hours 

“The Old Town” da Time Travellers - 2 People

€ 110,00 / unit

Accompanied by archaeologists discover a very old lady - Lisbon, that was born and raised in the castle hill, spreading to the surrounding valleys and hills over the millennia.
Throughout the centuries it was visited and conquered by different peoples, suffered with natural disasters and became the capital of a great empire with the Portuguese Maritime Discoveries!

Information 3hour Walking tour | Includes a visit to the Archaeological Site of Lisbon’s Cathedral and a cream pastry or a glass of ginjinha | Begins at the Hotel

Fátima, Óbidos, Nazaré & Alcobaça | Day tour

€ 325,00 / unit

Explore Portugal’s rich cultural and religious history by visiting Fátima, one of the world's largest pilgrimage sites, and its huge modern church. We suggest a lunch on a beach in Nazaré and explore the historic village of Óbidos. Don’t miss the impressive architecture of the Monastery of Batalha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Information: 8 hours | up to 7 people | 325€ (entrances to the monuments not included)

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